Snooze away your sleep problems with the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

A good night’s sleep is very essential for the well being of every human being. With the new age lifestyle changes and stress we rarely pay attention to the disrupted sleep cycles and continue to sleepwalk through the day towards many health related issues due to poor sleeping habits. The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach is the answer to this problem. It acts like your personal coach and gives you’re a personal program to get your sleep on track after analyzing your sleep data over a period of time. The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach consists of a Zeo Headband, which measures the electrical activity in the brain while you sleep. It makes notes of the different stages of sleep during the night and wirelessly transmits the data to the Bedside Display. This Bedside Display stores data for two weeks, and you can check and compare this data to analyze your sleep pattern. It also intelligently analyses the data with respect to the actual time slept, number of times you woke up, etc. This info is stored on to a SD card, and you can upload it on the myZeo website to analyze and get a personalized 7 Step Sleep Fitness Program to get a good night’s sleep. That’s not all! The bedside Display also doubles as an alarm clock and has two modes. It has a traditional mode, where you can set a time to wake up or the SmartWake alarm feature, where the SoftWave sensors search for a “natural awakening point” and wake you up half an hour before your set wake-up time. It also makes sure you don’t oversleep.

The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach is available at $ 399 with 30-day money back guarantee for the Personal Sleep Coach system and the first six months of coaching. Don’t forget to check out the testimonial on the websites from people who swear by this product.

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