Splurge on A $1000 Easter Egg by Sugar and Plumm


Let’s start our day with something magnanimous, how about a $1000 Easter egg? As gorgeous as it looks, this beauty is definitely an egg worthy of the Son of God and its priced accordingly too. Created by Sugar & Plumm, an Upper West Side bistro, bakery and chocolatier for the holiday, The chocolate egg contains dark, milk and white chocolates along with marzipan flowers, ladybugs, and every geeks delight, Angry Birds. It weighs in around 22-pounds, and stands 3-feet-tall, now that’s humongous.

If you are waiting for the part where I mention what lies inside this beauty. It’s nothing. Look at that exterior for $1000 that’s all you’re gonna get baby. Beauty doesn’t come cheap fellas.

[Via – Gothamist]