Star Wars exclusive Burgers in France may leave you wanting more

Star Wars is making a come back with the Phantom Menace in D and there’s been no end to the kinds of merchandise that have come out in its anticipation. Adding one more item to the list of course is burgers. That’s right! A French fast food chain called Quick in Paris has stirred up their imagination to come up with the Jedi Burger, the Darth Vader Burger and the Darth Maul Burger. So if you’re a true fan then you cannot miss out on a chance to bite into these all time favourite themed burgers.

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We should warn you though, the Jedi and ‘Dark Burgers’ still look normal and more appetising than the Darth Vader one. That’s because this one has black buns! If you love a challenge then do go ahead and try out this black burger but remember to carry the force with you when you do so. Bon Appétit!



  1. Stuto says:

    Too much stupid in your face?

    “Quick is a Belgian chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.”

    1. Dhiram says:

      Quick is similar in theme to McDonald’s.
      In 2007 it was “nationalised” by the French government through its investment holding company CDC .