Starry AM/FM Cooler for chilling in the summers

After a brief altercation with my friend on whether start print bags look good I won as I had the backing of Star print radio/coolbag. May be the radio part of it helped but what the heck! If you too want to beat the summer heat (not in the near future) get the Star print radio/coolbag as it does a lot more than just storing your drinks and bites; it can help in making a bright sunny day a hell of a fun time! On one hand it will help chill your beverages and on the other hand you can chill to the tunes of the music coming out of the radio embedded in the side.

The radio runs off 4 AA batteries and the bag isn’t all that bad looking either and would you ever carry a Versace bag for a summer picnic anyways? (Unless you are Paris Hilton).It retails for $25.

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