Strollometer Pedometer for Baby Carriages

Having babies is the easy part, but to put off all those pounds gained during pregnancy can be a task. Strollometer can help you to keep a track of all the calories you try to burn when you take the baby out for a walk. At this stage whatever inspiration and motivation you get is less. We realize that and feel it is important that you know that every bit counts. This computerized marvel has about eight features: from telling the time to recording your daily performance. It also calculates the Daily Mileage and Trip Timing too. With its easy strap-on, strap-off feature it is sure comfortable to ride with. It’s simple to install, with clear instructions and sturdy components.

A magnetic sensor on the back wheel feeds wirelessly to the console, which snaps onto the stroller handle. An amazing feat of technology for only $ 40 to help you to get back to shape.

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