Subtle Butt-Fart pads

How many times have we avoided eating our most favorite spicy Mexican food in fear of the malevolent and nauseous gases that propel right out of the burrow? Apart from the giggles, it’s a serious issue, which most people are embarrassed to talk about. Why I call it a serious issue is because, one has no control over it and things done can’t be turned back to get those sickened faces smiling back at you once again. The “Subtle Butt” by Pond Inc is a fart neutralizer to eliminate smelly flatulence. An activated carbon fabric pad measuring 3.25” * 3.25” square adheres to the inside of the underwear with two self-adhesive strips. The Subtle Butt neutralizer filters the flatulence as the wind breaks, absorbing and neutralizing its odor. You can eat as many Burritos as you want and do your thing in silence.

Subtle Butt-Fart pads are available in a five pack and each one retails for $10.