Super Mario New York City Subway Map

Have you ever had those days when you have spent so much time staring at a video game that you can barely recognize real-life 3D objects anymore. For those of you who are more adept at reading Super Mario 8-Bit graphics, we bring to you the Super Mario New York City Subway Map. Designer Robert Bacon renders the entire city’s subway system in the visual style of the classic Super Mario SNES game. The map is the perfect gift for that gamer friend of yours who has a hard time navigating the New York transit system. Now to only find someone who can turn the subway system into the Super Mario game! Too ambitious?

The Super Mario New York City Subway Map is available in two sizes – 18” x 24” and 24” x 32”. It is available for purchase at RiptApparel and can be yours for $25 (for the smaller version) or $45 (for the larger).

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super-mario-new-york-subway-map-1 super-mario-new-york-subway-map-2

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