Superhero Cookies: It would take a superpower to resist them

Who doesn’t love a good cookie? Cookies are among those foods that are pretty much irresistible. You try and you try to stay away from them lest you don’t fit into your jeans anymore. You can try, but we dare you to try to resist them when they are in the form of your favorite superheroes. The people over at Sweet Catastrophe Cakes have created the nerdy, yet scrumptious looking Superhero Cookies. Don’t you think they will make perfect accompaniments to your superhero themed menu the next time you host a theme party, or have your friends over for a movie marathon. The Superhero themed cookies feature Batman, The Joker, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Cyclops, and Spider-Man. While we are still fuzzy on the details, like the flavor of the cookies, we do know that they were all individually hand-painted. Isn’t that impressive? The makers have gone through great efforts to first, make these flat cookies, and then paint over them. They have featured the faces of some of our favorite heroes in intricate detail.

The Superhero Cookies by Sweet Catastrophe Cakes are only the beginning. Head over to their website, or Facebook page, to check out some of their other spectacular creations. Maybe you will get some inspiration for your next party.

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[Sweetcatastrophecakes and Facebook Via Betweenthepagesblog]