Swivl launches motion-tracking dock for iPad and dSLR’s


With a host of docks available in the market, it’s kinda difficult to put your hands on any one. While, sound amplifying docks rule the market, Swivl has launched a motion-tracking platform. The new Swivl Dock comes with a redesigned base and built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It can now support all sorts of iOS and Android devices as well as dSLRs weighing up to about 10 pounds. These docks can pan 360 degrees, with support for larger devices. sing its wireless features, you can connect devices to the base and use apps to handle controls. The premium version adds a remote control and wireless mic, which you can control with your finger or pin to your person. It has built-in speakers, in case you need to project a bit farther during conference calls.

This Swivl comes in two versions, the $149 white and $229 silver. Both are compatible with iOS, Android, and dSLR cameras, have built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and can tilt up to 20 degrees and continuously pan 360 degrees, among other things. A pledge of at least $99 will secure you a unit.

[Available at: Kickstarter Via Engadget]

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