Takara Tomy Arts’ Utamin toy makes sweet music

Takara Tomy Arts presented Utamin at the 2012 Takara Tomy Group New Year Convention. It is the second product that graces the music series. This cool toy is capable of making sounds when you put your hand near it. It features a infrared sensor on the top detects how close your hand is. You can use this to your benefit and make sweet music to your liking! It’s description says, “Firstly, in Simple Mode, there are 15 pre-programmed melodies, including nursery rhymes. So in this mode, you can easily play some familiar tunes. There’s also Nori-Nori Ryhthm Mode, where the toy becomes an instrument such as a drum or whistle. Finally, there’s a mode that lets you play all the notes in the musical scale. So in this mode, you can compose and play original tunes, just like with an actual instrument.” Nori-Nori Rhythm Mode is operated by pressing buttons and listening to sounds of bells and whistles.

It comes in pink, blue and green and you can join two of the toys together to be a musical duo! You can buy it for $49.