The eComfort Lap Reader & Throw Set makes your nights

There is nothing more relaxing at the end of a hard day than curling up on your bed with your tablet in your hand, just waiting for sweet slumber to take over. Whether it is watch a movie, read a book or just finish some last minute work, our tablets have become our constant bedtime companions. The only problem is contending with the uncomfortable positions and unbearable wrist ache in order to hold it upright for long hours. As light as they are, tablets are hard to hold up for long, especially when you are lying down on your bed. Unless you are the proud owner of an eComfort Lap Reader & Throw Set! It is basically a combination of a throw blanket and a stand for your tablet; two of the most comfortable things in the world. The set includes their original Serasoft throw blanket, paired with a convenient little lap reader. This reader is perfect for tablets of all sizes, or even a good ol’ book. Now you can lounge around comfortably on your bed or couch without a care in the world. And it frees up that second hand for that last glass of wine! What could be better?

The eComfort Lap Reader & Throw Set measures 50 x 60 inches. It comes in two sophisticated colors – Black and Pavement. The set is available for purchase at Berkshire Blanket for a price of just $24.

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[Available at Berkshireblanket]

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