The Fort Factory by Quirky: An interactive building game for kids

With video games and computers everywhere, it is hard to get kids interested in an old-fashioned hands and legs game. Keeping their interest in something that is not moving a million miles an hour is the challenge. Facing this challenge is the Fort Factory by Quirky. This interactive equipment is created on the concept of “Building Imagination”. It is basically a set of five unique components that can be put together in any number of ways, to create everything from a house to a giraffe. The five components include a main connection piece, mini connection piece, a long rod, a short rod, and a foot. Then there are two glow-in-the-dark bands on either end of the main connector, which will allow you to wrap sheets around to construct your fort. You can imagine the kids spending all their time trying to think up of different ways to put the pieces together. Not only is this infinitely entertaining, it is also very educational. It forces the kids to use their imagination and creativity, challenges their engineering skills, as well as works on their motor dexterity. Or you can just make yourself the coolest fort – who doesn’t love a fort!

The Fort Factory by Quirky is currently a project under production. You can contribute to its creation by going to their product page and giving your opinion on the pricing. Log on to Quirky for more details.


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