The Get Into Focus Lens Mug: Photographers’ dream mug

I have a personal theory developed over many morning coffees. I believe that more than a person’s clothes, hair or shoes, it is one’s coffee mug that is a reflection of their true personalities. There is something intensely personal about the mug that you prefer to wake up to in the morning, and generally says something about the owner of said mug. There is absolutely no doubt about the preferences of the owner of this awesome The Get Into Focus Lens Mug. As the name suggests, this mug will help you get into “focus” in more ways than one. This quirky travel mug is designed to look like a good ol’ camera lens. Photographers won’t be able to resist cozying up with this mug filled with coffee, tea or anything else they like, contemplating their next work of art! The mug features realistic lens details — like a focus ring, f-stops and an AF switch. It has been made out of dishwasher-safe ceramic.

The Get Into Focus Lens Mug is available in two colors – Black and White. It retails for a reasonable $15 at Photojojo. Does anyone else see the perfect stocking stuffer here?

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[Available at: Photojojo]

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