The Half (The Calories) Spoon

How many times in life have you had to face that annoying request for just “half a spoon” of sugar? All the careful measuring and adjusting cannot get you that perfect serving. The Half (The Calories) Spoon is here to rescue to, and free you of all your woes! It is exactly what it sounds like – just half a spoon, but with the functionality of a full spoon. Ok, there are real problems, and then there are first world problems. If you think this is something you have struggled with in the past, feel free to invest in the Half Spoon. Of course, you could always buy these cutesy spoons for the way that they look – quirky and cool. They will be a welcome addition to your boring old kitchen counter. Now you can be guaranteed exactly half a spoon every time! Keep this spoon next to your morning coffee, and you won’t be tempted to dunk an entire spoonful of sugar in it. Think of how many calories you will avoid!

The Half (The Calories) Spoon is made out of metal, and is food grade and dishwasher safe. It measures 6” in length. It is available for purchase at Perpetual Kid for a price of just $6 each.

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[Available at Perpetualkid]

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