The HoverBar from Twelve South: For your own “Iron Man” -like workstation

There is just no end to the number of great accessories the iPad has inspired. The latest in this line of innovations will come, as a boon for people who like to use their iPad in conjunction with their other gadgets, but feel like it is inconvenient because it doesn’t hold itself up. This problem has been solved for us, by the ingenious HoverBar from Twelve South. It is a bendable support arm that allows you to use your iPad at your desk without taking up desk space. It latches onto your iMac, Cinema Display, or desk with a silicone-lined clamp, and it allows your iPad 2 to float next to you as you work. It comes with a 22-inch-long gooseneck arm, and a hard plastic iPad 2 frame. The idea is to use it to work on projects on the computer while flipping through notes on the iPad. You can use the iPad as a secondary screen to display your calendar, dedicated apps, or Twitter feeds, and help you in the kitchen by displaying your favorite recipes.

The HoverBar from Twelve South is also brilliant as a stand itself, allowing you to play your favorite games with ease. It is available for $80.

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[Available at TwelveSouth Via PocketLint]

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