The Lego Mirror: Never has a purse accessory been so much fun

After having witnessed some of the most mind-blowing Lego creations in the last few weeks, like the Lego Mechanical Loom and the Lego Olympics Stadium, we are in love with Lego all over again. Fans of these iconic blocks will appreciate the utter cuteness of the Lego Mirror! Which woman doesn’t need a mirror in her purse at all times; god forbid that lipstick smudges! This rectangular Lego board can be opened up to expose the vanity mirror inside. The outside board makes sure it is protected from scratches and dinks. With this mirror, you also get a readymade game to keep your little one occupied during those boring hours in a waiting room, or at the dinner table in a restaurant. On the board outside are nine differently sized Lego blocks which can be arranged onto the board in any design you like! Forget any kid; I think I could spend a couple of fun hours playing with those little blocks!

The Lego Mirror comes in five different colors – Pink, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. Measuring in at just 15.5cm X 8.5cm, it is the perfect accessory to have in your purse at all times. This cute Lego Mirror retails for just $8.

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[Available at: Lady-Brando]

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