The Marc by Marc Jacobs Lizard-print iPhone 4G case: Fuchsia artistry

Fashionistas looking for the next hot new thing in the world of iPhone cases need to look no further. It seems like every time Marc by Marc Jacobs comes up with a new design, we just have to have it! The latest in his line of iPhone cases is the Lizard-print iPhone 4G case. This incredibly hot and sexy cover is made to look just like lizard skin, but is actually made
of protective silicone. However, you really wouldn’t know to look at it; the lizard print gives it a very high-fashion look and feel. And what should be said about the color? I really think fuchsia is the color of the gods (the hot gods that is)! Now this is an iPhone cover truly capable of making a statement!

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Lizard-print iPhone 4G case measures 2” W x 5” H. This beautiful creation can be yours for just $38.

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[Available at NetaPorter]

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