The ORIGOSafe prevents you from texting while driving

A few weeks back we introduced you to the Driver’s Texting Disabler, which allowed parents to keep their kids safe in their cars. Along the same lines comes the ORIGOSafe, a device dedicated to saving your life from horrible vehicular accidents. This ingenious little device prevents drivers from starting the car unless their Smartphone is placed in the docking station. The idea is to keep you safe from accidents by preventing you from texting while driving. It needs to be installed in the vehicle’s center console. Once you place your phone into the console, it allows you to make and receive calls via Bluetooth. It also charges your phone for the duration that it is kept on the console. If you remove the phone while driving, an alarm will be triggered and the system administrator (your parent or safety manager, whoever you choose) will be alerted. The car gets automatically locked, the user locked out, and can only be restarted once the administrator unlocks it.

The ORIGOSafe was created with the aim of giving parents of young drivers some peace of mind. It is available for preorder at Drive Origo for a price of $279 plus installation.

[Available at Driveorigo] Via – Psfk

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