The Sonic Wallet Plays Audio Every Time It Is Opened

Wallets are one accessory that hasn’t managed to go through any great revolution from the time they have come into existence. Other than a bit of bling, or a funky design, there isn’t much to get you gushing about a boring ol’ wallet! Until now! Check out these insanely clever Sonic Wallets – the wallet that makes a racket every time you open it. Your humble everyday money holder gets an audio makeover with a sound chip that makes noises ranging from obnoxious screams to choruses of angelic voices. It works by triggering a small sound device in the Tyvek wallet every time it is opened. The wallets come in eight “flavors” – American Flag, Baseball, Buddha, Drum Machine, Jesus, Moolah, The Scream, and Shakespearean Insults. So, American Flag Wallet plays “Stars and Stripes Forever” and “The Star Spangled Banner when you open it, while the Buddha Wallet plays one of four different chants and meditative sounds. What a fun little gag gift this will make. Although, we aren’t sure too many of your friends would be in a very thankful mood after their wallet has been screaming at them for a few hours.

The Sonic Wallet is made from tough recyclable Tyvek, which protects it from punctures, tears and moisture. You can buy this awesome accessory online from Gadgets and Gear for just $20 each.

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[Available at Gadgets-And-Gear] Via – Cnet

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