The Swarovski Steamboat Willie Limited Edition 2013

It was just a couple of months ago when everyone’s favorite cartoon character who we all remember so fondly from our childhoods – Mickey Mouse – turned 84! That is older than most of our grandparents! It seems hard to believe that before this icon came to be, he made a humble debut in the sweet little short film called Steamboat Willie. You have to be a pretty diehard Disney fan to have actually caught this classic cartoon. If you are, you will absolutely adore the Swarovski Steamboat Willie Limited Edition 2013. This playful showpiece features Mickey and Minnie Mouse in their Steamboat Willie avatars. They may be cartoon figures, but they couldn’t be more luxurious in their Black Diamond and clear crystal forms. They come as a pair, but stand on separate bases; this means you can position them however you may want – either facing each other, or standing side by side. When placed facing each other, their bases join together to form a complete circle.

The Swarovski Steamboat Willie Limited Edition 2013 measures 4 5/8 x 5 1/16 inches. It is an ideal gift for any Disney fan. Just be careful to keep it away from the kids; it does not come cheap. The Limited edition showpiece is available at Swarovski’s online store for a price of $590.

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[Available at Swarovski]

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