The The iStuck Laptop Feet: Typing on the laptop is now a breeze

Laptops are the height of convenience, keeping us connected to the world and our work from absolutely anywhere. However, anyone who has to do a bit of typing on the laptop knows how difficult it is to achieve that perfect typing angle. We can cross our legs, hold it up, or straight out in front of us, but typing is only achieved by a precarious balancing at the correct position. The iStuck Laptop Stands promise to solve our laptop typing woes in the simplest way. This adorable little silicone shapes stands under the laptop and holds it 1.5 inches above the surface of the desk, at the optimum angle for working on the keyboard. They have suction cups built in to ensure that your machine doest slip off when in use, and are even equipped to handle the uneven bottoms of most laptops. An added advantage of using the “feet”, your machine will stay cool and comfortable – you never have to feel that incredible pinch of an overheated machine on your thighs again.

The iStuck Laptop Feet is made up of synthetic rubber, and is the cutest bright pink color. It can also be used to prop up tablets, smart phones and mp3 devices! This must-have laptop accessory can be yours for just $10.

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[Available at: Perpetualkid and Fredandfriends]

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