The Vinderalls: Overalls For Your Wine

As far as alcohols go, wine is definitely the snootiest of them all. The way connoisseurs talk, you would think angels descended from heaven to create that nectar. The truth is, wine, like every other self-respecting alcohol started its journey on a vinyard. To remind it of this fact comes the Vinderalls, overalls for your wine. As the makers put it, the Vinderalls take the snooty wine a peg or two. These overalls look like classic denim ones. They are made from 95% cotton and 5% Spandex. They are designed so that they fit most standard wine bottles. It even comes with an adorable little bib pocket, for you to hide something in, like a love note or a gift card. College students, and other broke youth, pay attention. This will make the perfect accessory the next time you have someone over for dinner. Your date never has to know what kind of bad vintage you are actually serving her.

The Vinderalls, overalls for your wine, are cute little accessories you can use to dress up your wine bottles at your next “barnyard” themed party. They are available at Archie McPhee for just $12.

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[Available at: Mcphee]

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