The Where I’ve Been Scratch Map Travel Edition

This is by far one of the coolest, most innovative things we have seen in a long time. Travel enthusiasts will especially appreciate the quirky genius of the Where I’ve Been Scratch Map Travel Edition. The Scratch Map basically starts out as a regular map of the world. What makes it really interesting is its brassy sheen covering, which can be scratched off like a lottery ticket. So every time you visit a new region, you just scratch it off your map. It is like a huge visual to-do list for avid travelers. Best of all, it looks pretty cool hanging on the wall of your den. You just know your guests are going to want to hear stories of your various travels! The other side of the map is blank and white for you to mark your flight paths. This particular map is a travel edition, which means it is meant to be carried around with you every time to take off on your vacation. Who knows how many spontaneous detours it will end up inspiring! It comes in a convenient travel tube for you to pack in your bag.

The Where I’ve Been Scratch Map Travel Edition measures about 16.5″x12″ when unrolled and about 5″x2″ in its travel tube. If seeing those unscratched parts on the map doesn’t serve as an motivation to embark on your next adventure, nothing will! The Scratch Map is available at Fred Flare for a price of just $22.

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[Available at: Fredflare]

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