Toolbox is ticket to fame for Barbara K

Now here is one smart woman, Barbara Kavovit! Feminist or not this gal surely knows how to wear her pants right! She is not only moving ahead in times the right way she is making sure that the women follow suit. Every woman on earth will agree with me on this one that plumbing and repairing has never been a preferred household chore, often left for the men to do but not anymore. Because she has started a very successful company, designing household repair tools for women. The Manhattan single mother has resurrected herself as a home-repair guru with a sleek set of tool kits to help women who want to do handiwork. Her tools are designed to better fit a woman’s size and strength, such as lighter hammers with distinctive curves and screwdrivers with thumb rests.

It’s a good thing to hit the place, on similar lines of the Martha Stewart network and the pink ladies and girlzdrive. Thumbs up! To all women who care!

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