‘Tupperware Alarm’ Protects Your Yummy Food!


Are you worrying about a colleague gobbling your food, while you are busy in a meeting? Not, anymore! Now, you can use a new remote-controlled, anti-theft monitoring system has been developed to ensure those sneaky coworkers aren’t stealing those delicious leftovers. Electronics brand BGH has collaborated with Tupperware to introduce a container with an alarm. Once unwanted hands break the seal in a gluttonous attempt to consume those delectable treats, the siren, similar to a car alarm, sounds, notifying the food’s rightful owner. To ensure that no one can meddle with your food, this container’s alarm only switches off with a remote, (just like a car).

The Tupperware Alarm is also great device to keep workers away from the food, and also to monitor and control consumption at home. There is no indication on availability yet, you can check BGH for more information.

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