Turn your favorite memories into edible photos with the Cocoagraph chocolate bars


How often have you looked down at a photo of your darling puppy or a hot partner’s abs and thought “that looks good enough to bite into”? Well, now you can! Philadelphia-based confectionery, Cocoagraph, is offering you the chance to convert your Instagram photos into artisan chocolate bars! Of course, this also works with all other kinds of photos, logos and images – they assure that all Jpegs, scans and Smartphone photos will work; though Instagram and Hipstamatic photos are particularly well-suited to their product. Cocoagraph chocolate bars are fully customizable. All you have to do is upload a picture of your choice, tell them what frame you want, and the size of your bar. You can even add a custom message at the bottom of their “80’s Style” frame. Imagine how special you can make the next Valentine’s Day, or create the most unique wedding invitation of all time!

The Cocoagraph chocolate bars come in a choice of Rich Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Organic Dark Chocolate. A bar of the 50g “Life Size” Cocoagraph costs $9, while the “Bite Size” Cocoagraph 3-Pack costs $12. Don’t hesitate; send your loved one a gift they just won’t be able to resist!

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[Available at: Cocoagraph and Designtaxi]

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