Vaportrim lets you sniff your desserts and lose weight

There are many women out there who crave for deserts every single day, but stay away due to the fear of gaining weight. Vaportrim has found a solution to this ubiquitous problem by rolling out special inhalers that give you the whiff of delicious sweets, like vanilla cupcakes or blueberry muffins; minus the desire to stuff desserts. Well, the simple mechanism that goes behind the concept of inhalers is that, of the taste-smell connection, wherein 70%-75% of what we taste, is actually smell. Studies have also proven that the sense of smell triggers feelings of fullness before our stomachs do, so the Vaportrim inhalers help you feel full faster so you’re already full, leaving no room for cravings.

The company compares the way its inhalers work to the feelings of fullness people have after cooking desserts in the kitchen for a long time, and the loss of appetite when you sit down to eat the oh-so delicious desserts that you’ve made yourself. I kind of thought I got the drift then, but I still don’t feel that it would work that well since it is more like a concentrated and deliberate effort, to curb that craving. If you still want to give it a try, it comes for $10 in 14 different flavors.

[Via OddityCentral]

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