Virtual Boyfriend – eight guys in the palm of your hand!

I’m sure my mom’s gonna pass out when she’ll come to know that I am dating 8 boys. More so when I reveal to her that they are at my beck and call. WOW! Hey hang on don’t get me wrong. I am talking about the Virtual Boyfriend that will change your dating life forever. This Tamagotchi style V-boy game allows you to practice your relationship skills with 8 different virtual boyfriends ……..each with their own unique personality. Using the three control buttons, you need to simply select a boy for your first date, and try to keep him happy by complementing him, buying him lovely gifts, taking him out to the right places and even engaging in a night of hot passion! The happier your virtual boyfriend is, the more points you collect, and the longer the relationship lasts.

For $40 (£19.99), you won’t feel lonely ever! A word of caution – keep out of children’s reach as it contains language of adult nature!

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