Website lets boys pay girls to do girlfriend-like stuff for them is a website that would be doing a lot of favor for geek boys, who can’t seem to find their way around girls. It costs just five bucks on the website to hire a real life girl to do stuff like sending text messages, poke you on Facebook, prank your friends, create a fake breakup, and even do your homework for you. Remember, the Cloud girlfriend instance on Facebook? Undoubtedly, the demand for fake girlfriends has skyrocketed ever since. The website is actually a swarming market place for girls to offer services to sad boys who need them, just for five dollars.

Well, it is a fact that peer pressure takes a toll on teenagers to ‘look cool’ among their friends circle, and it takes some girlfriend drama to make it happen. Take for example, the girl in the video who was paid five bucks to scream Rob Burns Rocks, while punching her boyfriend. Would I like a guy to act like a poser, when he doesn’t have a girlfriend? I don’t think so!

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[ via Gizmodo]

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