Will you try to find out if your child will be a sportsman or not?


At one point, humanity was proceeding to higher heights with the advancement of science. Now, they are building short cuts to their graves. A Colorado-based company called Atlas is offering DNA tests for $160. These tests will allow parents to see if their child is rich in ACTN-three gene. If he or she is, then they are suited for a list of sports like football, rugby, wrestling or hockey. If they don’t have any of it, then they are good for swimming and long-distance running. If in traces, then the child is in between and sports aren’t his or her cup of tea.

Hence arises the question – would you want to do this to your child to mould a Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods or Bechkam out of your child or would you rather allow nature to do the needful in due time? Would you want to look at your son and say, ‘son, let’s do a test and see how useful you and if I can retire in peace with your sportsman endorsement income’? If a DNA test can indeed predict the future of your child, then how different will your blood and flesh child be from a nurtured robot?

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  1. Geetu975 says:

    yeah….i surely will coz who knows if he is good at sports later he can choose it as his profession.

  2. Radhika says:

    I don’t think I will opt for this!