Wish I could Bake this Awesome Atari Cake


Its a cake! Yes it looks exactly like the real thing but this nostalgia-creating, mouth-watering is a cake after all. A perfect delectable replica of Atari Game Console was made by the amazing Pink Cake Box. Hats off to their brilliant and successful efforts. The cake features one of the earliest home video game systems – the Atari 2600 Game Console. I don’t know about others but as scrumptious as this Atari Cake looks I would hate to annihilate it for my gastronomic pleasures, but on second thoughts I might just do the deed against my feeble will.

The cake looks so real someone may get too excited that you’ve conserved such an important piece of gaming history and make a complete fool of himself. An extra piece for him please. Enjoy the pictures for now folks.

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[Via – Betweenthepagesblog]

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