Women-only social network on Facebook lets women rate their dates


It always boils down to the phrase, “Why do boys get to have all the fun?” Well, creator of Luluvise.com is pretty darn serious about the phrase to have created a social network that bans boys and named as ‘Sex and the City meets Facebook’ It is a female-only network that connects users through Facebook registration. It seems to have been consequentially gauged and fabricated to keep all privacy of women intact. It doesn’t let any of your friends know that you have connected to the site and no information is posted to walls or made public anywhere or to Facebook users. The site can be used to send messages, photos or polls to group of female BFF’s (‘Best Friends Forever’) The site’s most interesting and controversial feature is that of secretly rating their past conquests on their first kiss and sex life on a scale of 1 to 5.

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The website that went live yesterday was set up by Canadian entrepreneur Alexandra Chong, 30 and already has 1,000 legitimate users all around the globe under the website’s umbrella with the majority split between US, UK and Canada. Apparently, many men are vying to join the website too, which is possible by creating fake user profiles. More than 500 boys have already submitted their emails to get access to the site, but instead received an email reading: ‘Hey Dude, you are a dude.’ How funny is that!


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