World’s First Lego Hotel to open in California

Carlsbad in California is soon going to be inundated by hoards of people; people are Lego fans, people who have always dreamt of living in a big Lego world, and also people who are ecstatic to see their dream come true in the form of Legoland Hotel. The hotel isn’t completely constructed out of Legos for obvious reasons but guests will be pleased as the hotel is chock full of the beloved blocks with wide range of LEGO themed rooms. In the lobby stands a massive Lego castle. The Lego adventure is carried on in which are decorated to look like LEGO minifig accommodations from familiar block sets.

Themes that will enchant you offer rooms complete with LEGO monkeys, tarantulas, jungle animals and other characters that LEGO Johnny Thunder has met along his adventures. Theres a pirate wing too with skull and cross bones, little pirates and treasure map rugs and LEGO parrot companions. The wait ends on April 5th and Lego fans fom all around the world can indulge in their ultimate Lego Adventure.

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