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Can a body dryer replace towels?

I never imagined that we might require a gadget for the simplest task like drying yourself after a shower. Well, if you are someone who is constantly worried about wet towels or..

Apple iTie Concept will Wow You

Concepts can be very annoying for one and one reason alone, they promise a lot more than they can deliver. I hope for our sake the Apple iTie concept does see the..

Awesome Nintendo Graffiti Spotted on Train

Train Graffiti is nothing new, but what we have in store to share with our geeky readers is surely new and Nintendo. This boxcar is interestingly made to look like a giant..

Hello Kitty Lipgloss Smartphone Palette

l love beauty inspired iPhone cases. Be it the iPhone Case with the eyeshadow palette, or the Anna Sui Mirror Cosmetic Cover they certainly add a perspective personality to the smartphone. However,..