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Andrea Valentini Luxe and Sports bags

An appealing assortment of our times, the Andrea Valentini collection is incredibly chic and wearable. These eccentrically names bags are divided into two styles namely, the Luxe collection and the Sports bags,..

S & P Salt and Pepper set

Every time I was cooking in haste for guests arriving, I could steer clear of dropping one or the other spice in my bid to find the one I was for. At..

New DS Lite in two new fruity colors

We’ve had our DS Lite in a fully pimped up bling version, and we certainly loved it. This summer, we have two new lively shades-Yummy Cherry and Lime Candy flavors, so you..

Vibe headphones in pink

The trend just spreads like fire. There were iPods, then their accessories and then he color pink. I don’t simply get it, to woo women audiences is it necessary to produce a..

Sony’s rolly stereo speakers now available

The quality of these speakers is astounding. It features 180-degree, horizontally opposed stereo speakers. As a result, listeners can enjoy high quality sound from nearly anywhere in the room. Sound reverberates from..

Headdress to lighten you up

This is a styling hat, which is lite. Amazing isn’t it? The headdress project is wearable lighting that is a fusion between lighting design, fashion and jewellery. The familiar FutureFactories language of..