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Touch Coby’s iPod to play your muzzak

iPods’ have been existing in the market from a long time now. Hence, graduation in its technology from Bulky ones to nano and from feather-touch to touch screen is obvious. Coby’s iPod..

Barbie dressed in Hello Kitty

When girls grow, but their dolls still seem to be childishly dressed. Well, heres a chance to let you beloved doll seem as trendy as you are. Hello Kitty a renowned name..

Sony Ericsson Z770 is a clamshell beauty

A clamshell version is usually favored by gals over men. As a result one more clamshell beauty is launched by Sony Ericsson at the Mobile World Congress. Christened as the Sony Ericsson..

Pepsi Raw launched in U.K. is more nourishing

No longer would you need to worry about Pepsi being harmful for health. Always being under the hammer for being disadvantageous for the human body system, Pepsi has freshly launched a healthy..