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Non Flip Light flips And Enhances Milieu

Brightening up a dull room can be easy if you have the flip light by your bedside. It’s adorable, minimalist and can brighten up your room in not one but many different..

Star Wars Bantha Dog Costume

With Halloween a little over a month away, I’m sure you already have your costume all sorted out. Or at least you know what you’re doing. Now it’s time to focus on..

iPhone 6 repair costs can hit your wallet!

Before you bend, twist or throw your brand new smartphone on concrete, you deserve to know what can a broken smartphone cost? The smartphone, which had the record sales of more than..

Selfie: Now, there is an app for it!

Oh, you selfie obsessed generation, after clicking 1000 of pictures, here is finally some good news for you. For all those people out there, who love to click some pictures of themselves..