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Mega Hammock For Mega Family Fun Time

Have you heard the saying, ‘the more the merrier?’. That holds true for Hummingbird Hammock which is a personification of the adage. This mega hammock can store as many as six adults..

Gobble the Cyberman Cake and Defeat Thy Enemy

It’s funny when a bakery that goes by the name happyoccasionscake makes something like a cyber man cake. It’s a state of confusion as you will have difficulty in deciding whether to..

Absolutely Disgusting: Fried Chicken Oreo

I love Oreo, I love fried chicken; but put these together and it’s a recipe for a gastronomic disaster. The disaster has occurred and I am still guessing if this is fake..

Spark: The Watch that Keeps You Awake

We’ve all had those days – a party that went on too long in the night, an early morning meeting, and a full day of strenuous work leading to an evening drive..

Beacon Yoga Mat is Incredible

Yoga is great for our bodies and doing it right is imperative. But what about days when your instructor is down with the flu or you just can’t make it for class..