Canine’s Tug Preventing Harness is Gentle on Dogs

Our pets are special to us, some as important as family. But what happens when we take them outdoors for a walk or to someplace important? In order to keep them in control and at best behavior we often leash them and keep tugging and pulling at it sometimes forgetting the constant tugging of harness can cause discomfort to their neck and head. The Canine‘s Tug Preventing Harness is great for owners who are controlling yet sensitive. When the pet attempts to tug or jump, the harness tightens around the hind legs, creating a sensation that conditions the pet to refrain from this behavior.

Invented by a veterinarian the hind leg harness is made from soft yet durable nylon and neoprene, the hind leg harness is gentle on a dog’s coat yet provides optimal strength for controlling the canine. Sells for $40 only.

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[Available at Hammacher]

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