Couture Fashion for Pet Rats…Time for some Rat-walk!

Couture fashion for pets is nothing new to us…and definitely not for you if you have been following gizmodiva like a loyalist. We have features umpteen stories on couture fashion for pets but we seldom repeat ourselves. This time we bring couture fashion to you but not for cats or dogs like earlier but for a bunch of lucky New York rats. New Yorkers have adopted pet rats as the latest fad and not just that they even held a rat fashion show with couture gowns and tuxes. About 425 New Yorkers formed The Fancy Rat Convention who held their first rat runway show with rat models in designer Ada Nieve’s fancy handmade rat clothing.

It’s a great collection for a rat I must add. They are beautifully crafted pieces and imagine creating them in that size. I think we have had enough of catwalk now it’s time for some Rat-walk!!!

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