FURminator Small Blue deShedding Tool will make your pet look better


I own a darling dog that sheds often and have to tolerate the daily tumbleweeds of hair that are all over my house. My mom hates me for this and wants me to get rid of him. But I guess I can finally put an end to this dilemma without getting rid of my pet! FURminator Small Blue deShedding Tool with 1.7-Inch Edge is a small yet amazing tool that pulls out incredible amounts of loose hair and undercoat without cutting or damaging the pet’s top coat. All you gotta do is simply brush the dog in the regular fashion in the direction of the coat and watch the hair come out. The secret to the FURminator treatment is a patented tool designed to stop the shedding where it begins in the undercoat of your pet. This revolutionary grooming device utilizes a unique blade that removes loose hair while leaving your pet with a shiny and healthy coat. Video and images after the jump…….

Here’s one noble application of this gadget too – By reducing the amount of pet hair in your environment, you are reducing the amount of dander and airborne elements that cause allergic reactions in many people. For $15 you can give your pet a look of ‘just got back from the pet salon’.

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