Marvel Entertainment stretches its merchandising to pets

We’re hearing a lot of news about the pooches these days, the recent one being the DogTv, an entertainment zone for dogs and only dogs. It hasn’t even been a week since we heard that and the next news gripping us is about Marvel Entertainment announcing a “super hero pet program” in partnership with the pet product manufacturer Fetch. The swanky program is all about toys, apparel, and accessories that could range from bandanas or tiny, dog-sized capes.

The only info we know about the pooch merchandize is that it will go on sale at PetSmart stores this week. Fetch President Steven Shweky stated “Instead of using brands that would typically only appeal to children, Fetch has licensed brands that resonate with the ‘pet parent’” That is a quote would make the kids at pet households sulk terribly.

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[Available at Petssmart via Comicsalliance]

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