Retrieva Dog Tracking and Anti theft collar by Orange and Retrieva: A blessing for dog lovers

I simply love dogs and would do anything to ensure the safety of my
beloved pooch. So for all you people like me, here is a product that
is bound to make you jump with joy. Known as the Retrieva Tracking and
Anti-theft collar it is created by Retrieva in collaboration with
Orange to help you locate your lost pooch. Included with the Retrieva
system are the Retrieva collar, the ICyou home guard system, and the
sophisticated phone-based View Ranger mapping solution. All you need
to do is open the mapping application and request the location of the
collar and you will be provided with exact location of your dog.
Having a GPS enabled mobile will make this task even easier. The
collar has an Orange SIM fixed inside it and uses three technologies;
GPS, GSM and Radio Frequency to track the dog. The collar works with
the ICyou, a portable smart base station that sits in the home and
doubles as the recharging unit for the collar.

The ICyou is an
automated monitoring and sends you an alert even if the dog leaves the
home. The collar also comes equipped with waterproof and anti theft
features. The device is also useful for the dog owners especially if
they get lost along with their pooch. The collar comes with a Panic
Alarm to ensure the safety of the owner or the dog walker. Pressing
this button sends an alert message to any numbers programmed into the
collar while also putting the collar into track mode so that the exact
location can be sited.
This system will soon be launched in UK and will be priced at £9.99
($15) a month to operate, plus a one off charge of £250 ($364) for the
package of one collar, the ICyou unit, and the ViewRanger off-road
phone mapping system. This is one investment that all dog lovers
should definitely make. For more info about this amazing collar you
can log on to

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