Sha-Poopie-it’s a dog poop cleaner

Talk about having pet preferences. What I mean is people might come up with the most insane conditions on having a pet. I want a dog but I don’t want to keep picking after him. So what’s next I want a dog who doesn’t poo at all? Well that would be the worst case scenario and is obviously not gonna happen, so instead of mourning over the impossible lets seek the remedy. And the remedy is called the Sha-Poopie, a telescopic dog poo catcher. That’s surely a relief as you don’t have to use plastic bags to pick the mess up or no more using news papers too. Yikes! Even writing this makes me shrug.

It is invented by a man who but naturally hates cleaning up after his dog (D-uh!). What more Sha-Poopie is available from Solutions (very aptly named) for just $19.95 and that’s not even close to pricey when your deprived of bending and no using a stick to scrape dog poop. Its now time to love your dog and ‘everything’ that comes along with it!

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