Slurp, Slurp, Slurpabowl. Portable Dog Water Bowl

Is your pet pooch accompanying you to that picnic? Well, then you need to know about Slurpabowl more so if you pet dog goes everywhere you go. Slurpabowl are water bowls for your dog made out of folding cardboard and very reusable. This is a better alternative than other water bowls available as Slurpabowl folds totally flat and can easily fit in your pockets or can be attached to your doggy’s leash. It looks its cutest best when it is folded into a little dog shaped bowl.

Slurpabowl holds over 2 cups of water or food is perfect for any dog of any breed. It’s 100% recyclable and the bowls come in assorted colors – 6 unique color combinations in every box. For only $10.99 Slurpabowl is as good as free.