Soladi Care Home – A nursing home ONLY for pets

Only folks who love their pets and care for them will come up with resourceful ideas to make their world more comfortable. But a country that’s so compassionate about pets and their owner’s anxieties is some News. Soladi Care Home for pets in Japan is all set to open on Friday to as a full fledged nursing home. The first of its kind, this nursing home for dogs will have round-the-clock monitoring by doctors and a team of puppies to help aging pooches feel younger. Concerned pet owners can pay 98,000 yen (US$800) a month to keep their dogs at the Soladi Care Home for pets, which will throw its doors opens Friday, according to a joint release Wednesday by Soladi Co. and the Endo Veterinary clinic in Tochigi, eastern Japan. Veterinarians at the home will offer round-the-clock monitoring, and residents will be fed specially fortified food.

The home, which can accept 20 dogs at one time, will also employ puppies to play with the aging dogs to help them keep fit and feel younger. What is American government waiting for……Pet lover’s nod?

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