The Cool Pooch Water Bottle: One bottle, two water supplies

For all you, animal lovers out there, who think of your beloved canine friend as family, this is one great product you are bound to appreciate. We love being accompanied by our darling Rovers on our long treks and hikes outdoors. However, carrying all that extra equipment, like a food and water bowl, can be a pain. The Cool Pooch Water Bottle is the perfect solution. It doubles as a water bottle for both, you and your dog. You don’t even have to carry a separate doggie bowl. It allows you to carry just one bottle with separate, sanitary water for both, you and your dog! You drink from the straw, just like other sport bottles. To give your dog a drink, simply remove the protective cap from the top of the straw, bend the straw & squeeze the bottle to squirt water into the bowl on top. The makers promise that it is designed so that there is absolutely no backwash!

The Cool Pooch Water Bottle comes in two colors – white with red, and white with blue. It costs only $9, so what are you waiting for?

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[Available at Cool Pooch via Coolest Gadgets]

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