The Hello Kitty Pet Pajamas: Your pooch will sleep in style

Dogs and cats are no longer the mortal enemies they used to be. The internet is rife with examples of dogs and cats not only living in peaceful coexistence, but even becoming close friends, inseparable buddies! Let your pooch be an ambassador of this new-found peace, of the brave new world, with these adorable Hello Kitty Pet Pajamas. Truly, what is cuter than dressing up your dog with a tribute to everyone’s favorite kitty? The Hello Kitty Pet Pajamas are the perfect garment for your little friend to snooze in during the night. The ultra-soft cotton PJs boasts a Velcro neck fastener for an easy fit and a reinforced opening for your leash. It comes in two patterns. The “Pink” is Hello Kitty’s signature bright pink, with a black border and a sweet little Hello Kitty print on the back. The “Black” is black in color with a pink border, and features an all-over pattern of Kitty’s face in silver foil print. They are made out of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, and is machine washable.

The Hello Kitty Pet Pajamas comes in four sizes so that you can dress up even your biggest most ferocious doggies (they won’t look ridiculous, we promise) – X-Small (7″ length), Small (9″ length), Medium (13″ length) and Large (17″ length). It is available for purchase at Sanrio’s online store, and retails for just $14.

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[Available at Sanrio Pet Pajamas Pink and Pet Pajamas Black]

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