The Laser Chase Toy keeps your pets entertained and healthy

As a pet lover, I can’t even remember how many pairs of shoes I have lost to my dog’s playful antics, or how many important documents my kitten has destroyed in a bid to entertain itself. These “predators of the wild” may be under the impression that they are training themselves for some hunting, but all they are really doing is destroying our houses. If you have experienced something similar, what you need is the Laser Chase Toy. This handy device automatically projects two laser dots that dart across your floor. These dots move in a varied and unpredictable pattern, which keeps your pet constantly guessing and interested. They turn rapidly, stop unexpectedly, and race in opposite directions. It is absolutely adorable to see your little puppy or kitty frantically run after this “prey” in what is basically a fruitless chase. The device has four speed settings, and can be set to run for five, 10, 15, or 20 minutes.

The Laser Chase Toy measures 8 1/4″ H x 7″ Diam. It runs on 3 AA batteries, which can last up to 15 hours. All pets need their daily exercise, and this device makes perfect sense for those owners who don’t have the time to play with them. It is available for purchase at Hammacher Schlemmer for a price of $40.

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[Available at Hammacher]

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