Flexible Full Sized Keyboard from Brando


To err is human……. We all sit at our desks for hours and hours a day and if you haven’t chucked a cup of coffee over your keyboard yet, the law of averages dictates that it’s only a matter of time. But no more fretting as Air Touch Keyboard is here to forgive us divinely! Ultimately we have a keyboard that can withstand all kinds of abuse! It’s a fully flexible, silicone keyboard offering practicality, durability and comfort to the user…and best of all… It’s PINK! Hence it can measure up to be a perfect Christmas gift for your tech savvy girlfriend. I could carry this great bit of kit everywhere with my laptop as it comfortably snuggles into my laptop bag. I can also sit away from the laptop screen to prevent eye strain and my laptop keyboard won’t wear out in a hurry! The Flexible Keyboard is water resistant and virtually indestructible. It is resistant to dirt as well as dust too and you can clean the keyboard with soap and water….yeah girls, you’ll read it right! Or you can simply wipe up any spilled liquid with a damp cloth and continue working. This keyboard is actually available in two sizes, the Mini with 85 keys and the Full size with 105. It is compatible with Windows 98/2000/Me/XP. It has a USB cable with a PS2 adapter on the end, so that it can be used by just about any computer. The entire item is made of fully sealed translucent pink flexible silicone.

When the “Caps Lock” is engaged, a red LED will shine on the right side of the board which houses the main circuit. Typing on the keyboard seems strange at first! To begin with, the keyboard is very flat. The soft material allows a quick, reflexive typing action that is silent and more comfortable than traditional hard, plastic keyboards. But I did feel the keyboard somewhat rubbery and just a bit tacky to the touch at first. With that said, I’d also like to mention that the keys need to pressed a little harder…..I especially missed on to the space- bar often. It depends on individual habits and preferences but it is just too flat for comfortable long-term data entry. On the positive note, the flat-out design eliminates negative-angle wrist stress, an unfortunate and impractical holdover from the archaic days of manual typewriters. If you get comfortable to do a whole lot of typing on the Flexible Keyboard then it is a boon! Negative-angle wrist strain is a serious problem for people who spend eight hours a day, five days a week, tapping away at traditional keyboards. With this innovative USB powered beauty you won’t have to worry about the latest 21st century medical menace.It fits easily in your briefcase, backpack, or notebook carrying case and you don’t have to worry about any sharp edges! Anywhere that a typical keyboard would be in danger of failing, this keyboard is poised to revolutionize how the world types. This keyboard would be perfect in a dusty warehouse, a feed yard, the middle of the desert, the middle of a rain-forest. It’s an ideal gift for your friends or family in medical service, restaurants and all sorts of professions that require a spill proof and rugged keyboard. From the classroom to the factory floor, this ultra cool keyboard will bring some life to your desktop. The full sized Flexible Keyboard retails for US$26.00 and its measures same as a standard keyboard 19.6” X .03” X 6.9.

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