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Barbie to star is a Sony Motion Picture!

After getting a lot of criticism on her size, Barbie is putting dare front, and will soon be featured in a live action movie. Sony Pictures, who have acquired the rights to..

3-D Printer Armor for Barbie Doll!

Barbie is no longer just about pink clothes and cute cars. While, I am only up for the Barbie with realistic proportions, Mattel has also released the Hunger Games and Astronaut Barbie,..

Look Who’s Here: The Enchanting Princess Stargazer

Bob Mackie® Princess Stargazer™ Barbie® Doll is one ethereal doll. Gorgeous as ever, this fairy-like doll is adorned in a sheer, glittery bodysuit with a flower at the bodice and embroidered gossamer-like..